Crypto Blaw Blaw

Crypto ₿law Blaw
Vancouver Washington USA Bitcoin Meetup

Tired of the one way street trying to talk to family, friends, and/or co-workers about crypto?
Come to "Crypto Blaw Blaw" to talk all things crypto.
Noob to Maxi - All Are Welcome!

Meetup dates:

First Friday
The Corridor Gallery
Esther Short Building 610 Esther St.

Friday Feb 4th 2022 5PM until 8PM @ The Corridor Gallery

The Corridor Gallery The Corridor Gallery Map

Past Meet-ups:
Dec 3rd 2021 @ The Corridor Gallery
Oct 1st 2021 @ The Corridor Gallery
Sept 3rd 2021 @ The Corridor Gallery
July 2nd 2021 @ The Corridor Gallery
June 4th 2021 @ The Corridor Gallery
September 25th 2020 @ Rail Yard
August 28th 2020 @ Rail Yard
July 31st 2020 @ Rail Yard
March 4th 2020 @ Tap Union
February 5th 2020 @ Tap Union
December 4th 2019 @ Tap Union
November 6th 2019 @ Tap Union
October 2nd 2019 @ Tap Union
September 3rd 2019 @ Tap Union
August 6th 2019 @ Tap Union
July 2nd 2019 @ Tap Union
June 4th 2019 @ Tap Union
May 7th 2019 @ Tap Union
April 2nd 2019 @ Tap Union
March 5th 2019 @ Tap Union
February 5th 2019 @ Tap Union
January 8th 2019 @ Tap Union

Crypto Blaw Blaw

What is Bitcoin?

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